Slimming Treatments

Slimming Treatments

G5 Gyratory Mechanical & Vigorous Hand Massager

G5 is an effective treatment to target soft & hard fatty areas, cellulite, dry & rough skin texture and muscular tension.

30 minutes £25.50
Course of 10 £229.50

G5 & Vigorous Hand Massage

60 minutes £38.00
Course of 10 £342.00

Bellabaci Massage Therapy

Bellabaci massage therapy utilizes scientifically designed medical silicone cups that are hand squeezed to provide a vacuum stimulating the skin and underlying tissue. The cups are effective in treating a myriad of modern day ailments and health problems such as, spider veins, stretch marks, sport injuries, tight, sore muscles, helps with digestive disorders, better circulation, cellulite and varicose veins.

Cupping Massage (i.e. Thigh, Buttocks, Back or Abdomen) 30 mins £23.00
Cupping Massage 1hr £33.00
Cupping Massage Combined with G5 1hr £38.00
Cupping Massage Combined with Body Wrap 1hr 15mins £50.00

Body Wrap

Instant inch loss in approximately 1hr 15 minutes.

Full Body £44.00
Half Wrap £33.50