Jessica Hands & Feet / Gels

Jessica Hands & Feet / Gels

Whilst having your hand treatment we will pamper you by performing a 20 minute Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder massage: £12.00

Geleration Gel Polish

Try the new revelation in Gel Polish with the new Jessica Geleration System. This soak-off gel offers strength to your nails and longevity to your manicures, looks like a perfect polish and dries instantly under LED light, therefore, no more waiting for nails to dry

The new Jessica Gel system is now available for that long lasting manicure. Ideal for the busy lady of today that wants to ‘paint and go’. This soak off gel offers strength for your nails and longevity to your manicures, looks like a perfect polish and is dried instantly under UV light. Therefore, no drying time necessary and no fear of smudging or chipped nail polish.

Gel Colour Application £28.50
Gel French Application £32.50
Jessica Manicure and Gel Colour £37.00
Jessica Manicure and French Colour £42.00
Builder Gel Application (to give extra strengh and to smooth out ridges) £7.50
Removal of Gel £5.50
Gel Colour Application £28.50
Gel French Application £32.00
Jessica Pedicure and Gel Colour £47.00
Jessica Pedicure and French Colour £53.00

Jessica Manicures and Pedicures

The Jessica System of natural nail care is based on an approach so different; it works like nothing else can. The Jessica System and its Upscale Nail treatments and products are used and loved by some of the most famous people in the world. Zen Spa Pedicures are more than a pure luxury, they are a vital therapy for the stresses of modern life. Not only does Zen Spa deep clean and exfoliate dull & dry lifeless skin, it will renew your sense of well being

    • Jessica Manicure – Standard Jessica Manicure. Includes cuticle work, massage, file & paint.
    • Jessica Manicure (inc. Thermal Mittens) – Jessica manicure with thermal mittens delivers deeper penetration of oils and creams, softening cuticles and leaving your hands silky smooth.
    • Jessica Manicure (inc. Paraffin Wax) – The relaxing and nourishing properties of warm paraffin wax are added to this deluxe manicure to increase circulation and soften dry skin
    • Jessica Manicure Deluxe with Le Remedi – A luxurious anti ageing, rehydrating manicure that incorporates the Le Remedi hand treatment programme (in other words a facial for the hands) by Jessica. This is a three in one manicure that involves Le Remedi, Jessica manicure and thermal mittens all in one.
  • Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure – A luxury treatment that delivers softer, smoother feet with perfectly finished toes. This treatment includes thorough hard skin removal, foot and leg scrub, foot and leg massage, cuticle work, nail shaping, and polish.
  • Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure Deluxe – This luxurious pedicure uses heated booties to rehydrate dry heels, dry feet and dry cuticles. The cooling mask is great for soothing achy legs, oedema, varicous veins, broken capillaries, and pregnant ladies who’s legs feel heavy and tired. Includes exfoliation, hard skin removal, cuticle work, massage, filing & paint ( and a choice of Thermal Booties or Cooling Mask)
  • Jessica Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure (Paraffin Wax) – This pampering pedicure incorporates a footbath of warm paraffin wax, when applied targets dry skin and cracked heels. Includes exfoliation, hard skin removal, cuticle work, a massage of the foot and leg, file & paint.
Jessica Manicure £27.00/£26.00
Jessica Manicure Deluxe ( hydrating or cooling mask) £31.50/£30.50
Jessica Manicure (incl. Paraffin Wax) £34.50/£33.50
Jessica Manicure Deluxe & le Remedi (anti ageing/hydrating treatment) £37.70/36.00
Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure £34.00/£33.00
Jessica Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure (hydrating or cooling mask) £37.50/£36.50
Jessica Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure (paraffin wax) £40.50/£39.50

Please allow ample time for drying and don’t forget to bring open toe shoes for pedicures. Disposable footwear is available on request.

Express Manicure £21.00/£20.00
Express Pedicure £25.00/£24.00
Hard Skin removal £23.50/£21.50
Re-Polish – File & Paint (Hands or Feet) ——–£12.50
Nail Repair ——–£4.00


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