Massage & Warm Bamboo

Massage & Warm Bamboo

Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage

Traditional massage with pre-blended aromatherapy oils to wash away stress & muscular tension. The massage can be adapted for pregnant mums or anyone intolerant to essential oils using almond or mineral oils.

We recommend begining any massage with Dry Body Brushing £9.50
  His / Hers
Full Body 1hr 30 minutes £59.50/£55.00
Full Body & Face 1hr 15 minutes £54.00/£49.50
Full Body 1hr £49.50/£46.00
Back, Face, Neck, Shoulders 40 minutes £42.00/£39.00
Back, Neck, Shoulders 30 minutes £37.00/£34.00
Pure Indulgence Back Treatment 25 mins (Cleanse,Scrub,Massage) £40.00/£35.00
Legs & Buttocks 30 minutes ————/£33.00
Additional Infrared Treatment £6.50/£6.50

Warm Bamboo Massage

Enjoy this deep easing treatment, in which Bamboo Canes are heated and moved across the body using specialist techniques to stretch muscles, release tension and bring about a feeling of relaxation and calm.

  His / Hers
Full Body & Head Massage 1hr 15 minutes £53.00/£49.00
Full Body & Face 1hr 15 minutes £54.00/£49.50
Full Body Massage Neck & Head 1hr £49.50/£47.00
Back Massage 40 minutes £39.00/£37.50
Back & Neck Massage 30 minutes £36.00/£33.00