Electrolysis is a medically approved form of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for hair removal. Electrolysis (Epilation) works by passing a small amount of energy into the hair follicle through a very fine needle.

The aim is to produce heat and coagulate the base of the growing hair in order to cut off the blood supply and nutrition to the hair, preventing any new growth from developing. Here at Body Beauty we use the Short Wave Diathermy method which produces intense heat in the base of the follicle. The heat is created when the high oscillations of current are released in such a small space it bounces across the bottom of the follicle and this in turn cauterizes the blood to the follicle. Electrolysis treatment has a reputation for being painful.

Most clients find that this is not the case when done correctly. You will not feel the probe being inserted into the follicle, and you should not feel the hair being removed/plucked. What you will feel is the current, which has been likened to a sting. There will be some pinkness of the skin following treatment. These are minor irritations for the reward of eventually permanently removing the unwanted hair.

Treatment times will vary from 5 minutes to about 1 hour depending on the amount of hair growth and area to be treated and frequency will again be determined by the amount of hair growth, but it is usually necessary to have weekly to fortnightly sessions at the beginning. It must be realized that electrolysis is slow but works best if you follow the instructions of your therapist. Look forward to a hair free future. We use Sterex disposable stainless needles and gold needles are also available for sensitive skins.

5 minutes £12.50
10 minutes £18.00
15 minutes £20.50
20 minutes £22.50
25 minutes £24.50
45 minutes £30.00
60 minutes £37.00

Advanced Electrolysis

Here at Body Beauty we offer advanced electrolysis treatments to treat thread veins and skin tags.

Thread Veins

Thread Veins, also known as telangiectases, spider veins, broken veins, are small blood vessels that have become dilated near the surface of the skin due to a variety of different reasons i.e picking spots or blackheads with too much force, extreme weather conditions, either too much heat or too much cold, the remains of a bruise or trauma to the skin. Thread Veins usually measure only a few millimeters. They are not varicose veins. Thread Veins are commonly found on the face in particular around the nose and cheek area. Treatment is offered to cauterize the blood within the capillary by introducing SWD (short-wave-diathermy) using heat via a tiny probe into the capillary.

Up to 15 minutes £60.00
Up to 30 minutes £75.00

Skin Tags

Skin tags also known as filoform tags are pink or brown flesh colored papules they can be about 1-10mm in size and generally occur around the neck, groin or underarms. They will generally not cause a problem unless they cause discomfort from being caught in clothing or jewellery. They are cauterized using SWD (Short-wave-diathermy).

Up to 15 minutes £60.00
Up to 30 minutes £75.00


Milia are small whiteheads that look pearl-like and don’t seem to come out of the facial skin. They look like whiteheads, but are different. Whiteheads form due to infection of the sebaceous glands, while milia are accumulation of dead skin in the epidermis. The skin sheds dead cells everyday but when the cells fail to shed, they accumulate and form milia. Milia are not a disease but accumulated dead skin cells that are not coming out of the skin surface. Even if you leave milia untreated, they will not cause any harm. However you can approach your beauty therapist to remove the milia surgically. This is a very simple procedure where the therapist applies little antiseptic alcohol on the milia and removes it with a sterile needle. Removing milia yourself should never be tried, especially when it is on the eyelids. You can prevent formation of milia with regular exfoliation, and by keeping away from the sun as it thickens the dermis layer of the skin. You also should avoid the use of heavy cosmetics and oil-based sunscreens to avoid blocking your skin.

5 minutes £9.00
10 minutes £14.50
15 minutes £20.50