Causes and Prevention of Thread Veins
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Causes and Prevention of Thread Veins

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Veins are an integral and important part of the human body. It is one of the most important parts of your circulatory system that helps in circulating blood all over the body. If vein damage occurs due to any type of internal stroke or accident, it may negatively affect the functions of your body. They might also appear on the surface of the skin and in such cases, thread vein removal in Southgate can be a good option.

Our experts of Body Beauty Ltd can give you ideas on how to take care of the veins and other internal parts of your body.

Let’s talk about thread veins or spider veins. Spider or thread veins are damaged and small veins that generally appear on the surface of your face, and legs. Yes, they are not painful but they are often treated due to cosmetic reasons.

The color of thread veins can range from anything between red and purple to blue. These veins usually appear as branches, webs, as well as fine lines. You may get a range of treatments that can help in reducing spider veins.

Let us talk about the causes and prevention of thread veins.

Causes of Thread Veins

Spider veins are seen on the legs and they occur when the valves inside the veins stop working in a proper way. The function of veins is to carry impure blood back to the heart from the muscles. Now, if you want to prevent blood from flowing backward, choose a one-way valve, which may close once the blood passes through the body.

The procedure of thread vein removal is needed when the valve gets damaged. It leads to a difficulty of blood flow in the right direction. Such a situation leads to a blockage and leads to a rising bulge in the veins. This makes the veins branch out and leads to thread or spider veins.

People affected with arthritis and thyroid may face spider and thread veins all over their body. Sometimes due to the increased pressure of muscular exercises and sun damage may result in spider veins.

Risk Factors of Thread Veins

There are various risk factors that increase various types of health issues related to vein disorders. Take a look at some vein problems associated with such situations:

  • Increases the flow of blood through the body when extra weight is increased during pregnancy. The pressure of the fetus falls on the veins of the legs during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the spider veins disappear.
  • Spider veins are more prevalent amongst women than in men.
  • The valves in your veins become weak over time. This can cause problems in pumping blood.

Prevention and Treatment

Thread veins can cause discomfort and it also spoils the appearance of an individual. However, the modern technology of thread vein removal has introduced various types of beauty treatments and prevention.

Have a look at some treatments!

Laser Treatment

A professional healthcare specialist suggests laser treatment that is used on the surface of the skin. The needles of the laser are strong and are used on the surface of the skin. Laser therapy is a kind of treatment where a laser, which is a focused beam of light, is used to ensure that the spider vein with the clot dries up. This treatment is less invasive than sclerotherapy.

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)

EVLT is a novel process of spider vein treatment. This treatment is perfect for varicose veins also. Local anesthesia is used on your skin and a small surgery is done with this therapy.


You need to change your lifestyle by choosing some self-care tips, which help in preventing new thread or spider veins.

Have a look at some prevention tips:

  • Maintain your weight
  • Wear sunscreen before going out
  • Wear compression stockings or socks
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Limit consuming alcohol
  • Get regular exercise
  • Consult with dermatologist

Summing Up

Thread vein removal treatment is now easily available if you contact an expert dermatologist. Our team at Body Beauty Ltd. is ready to help you in addressing such problems. You need to contact our specialist at 020 8886 0336/020 8882 6237 to get an appointment. We also talk via email at

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