Ayurvedic Facials

Ayurvedic Facials

Mukha Abhyanga Facials in Palmers Green

The Ayurvedic Facials in Palmers Green focuses on the Marma Points (the body’s energy points) promoting balance in the body and stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The marma points massage acts as a natural lift, helping to tone cheeks and reduces fine lines.

This form of therapy has been widely used in India for thousands of years and now is very popular in the western world.

This Facial involves a double cleanse, exfoliation, (steam and extraction if preferred) followed by a relaxing marma point massage on the face, neck and shoulder. We will also incorporate a marma point foot and hand massage to complement the facial, apply a face mask suitable for your skin type and finish off with a face and eye moisturising.

60 minutes £57.50

Kansa Facial (pronounced cun-sa)

This Ayurvedic Facials in Palmers Green consists of a thorough cleanse, tone, exfoliation, (steam and extraction if preferred) a specialised face massage using the Kansa Wand which is made of a healing metal surface that helps to instantly lift and brighten the skin helping to drain away face stress and tension. We also provide Facials service in East Barnet, Enfield, Southgate, Waltham Cross regions.

60 minutes £55.00